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Security Guards in Ghent

Security Guards Europe is a preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable and professional security guards in Ghent.

Our tailored security solutions and highly trained security guards work across all sectors to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of residents, visitors, and local businesses. We help businesses save money by preventing and responding to crime and other threats.

Partner with SGE for access to:

  • Personalised security guard solutions that are designed around your specific needs and budget.
  • More than 20 years of experience in active security provision across Belgium
  • Top-rated security guards recruited locally, trained to international standards and fully licenced to work in Ghent,
  • Single point of supervisory contact for easy access and support
  • We offer a free, no-obligation security consultation followed by a competitive quote.

Finding reliable security services and security guards in Ghent just got easier. Get in touch with our friendly team and find everything you need from one full-service provider.

Contact us today for a free consultation and to receive a competitive quote for your security services.

Security Services in Ghent

Security Guard Services

Our security guards protect people and businesses in all settings. Whether you require hotel security for a prestigious hotel near the historic centre of Ghent or industrial security in the Ghent-Zeehaven port and industrial zone, we provide expertly trained security guards for every situation. Fully accredited and licenced for Ghent, an SGE security guard is a valuable addition to any business.

Vacant Property Security Services

Commercial or industrial property can quickly deteriorate when left vacant. Our vacant property security service protects your investment from the activities of vandals, squatters, and other trespassers. We use a range of security measures, including CCTV monitoring and response services, mobile patrols, warning signage and physical barriers, for maximum protection

Transport Security

The logistics industry in Europe has come under increasing threat. Cargo theft, hijacking, and fuel draining are all on the rise. Our transport security services in Ghent employ technology such as remote tracking and monitoring, along with security guard escorts both onboard and in an accompanying vehicle. Valuable cargo is secured from departure to destination with Security Guards Europe

Maritime Security Services

Ghent is a major port city and a hub for international trade, making it a target for cargo thieves. For port access control, onboard security guards, remote CCTV monitoring and emergency response, our maritime security services have highly trained guards and sophisticated technology standing to secure port facilities against all threats. Get in touch with our maritime security experts today.

Hotel Concierge Security Services

Our team of highly trained concierge security guards is dedicated to providing unparalleled security and exceptional guest service. From business hotels near Ghent-Dampoort Railway Station to luxury hotels in the Patershol district, our skilled officers are committed to ensuring guest safety and satisfaction, earning you top reviews and fostering loyalty that will keep them returning year after year.

Residential Security Services

At SGE, we understand that every residence in Ghent is unique, and therefore, we tailor our residential security solutions to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s securing an apartment complex in the Patershol district or safeguarding a luxury villa in the Dampoort area, SGE’s security guards, expertise and responsiveness are second to none.

Key-Holding Security Services

In the dynamic landscape of business operations, security is paramount, and when unexpected situations arise, such as an alarm triggered late at night or early morning access issues, a reliable keyholding service can be an indispensable partner by relieving out-of-hours responsibilities from your team. At SGE, we understand the critical keyholding role we play and welcome any enquiries for our trusted keyholding services.

Mobile Patrol Security Services

Our mobile patrols effectively deter potential intruders and property crimes, ensuring that your business and assets are constantly guarded. In the event of an alarm trigger, our officers swiftly respond, taking immediate action to neutralise any threats. Backed by cutting-edge surveillance, communication, and scheduling technology, our mobile patrol services are seamlessly integrated with our broader security solutions.

Security Sectors in Ghent

Retail Security

Partner with SGE and experience the difference that our retail security solutions can make. by protecting your assets and retail operations. Our uniformed and plainclothed security officers protect your premises to ensure a safe and secure shopping environment while defending your business against costly customer and employee dishonesty. Why not take advantage of our CCTV surveillance and stock-tracking expertise?

Close Protection and Bodyguards

Prominent individuals require a security team that can blend seamlessly into their surroundings, ensuring discreet protection without disrupting daily activities. Our bodyguards are trained to maintain a low profile while deterring potential threats and ensuring the safety of VIP clients. From secure transportation to threat evaluation, route planning and personal accompaniment SGE close protection services have been founded on more than 20 years of experience

Industrial Security

When your manufacturing or warehousing business needs a professional security presence, we can provide static guards, mobile patrols, and various technological security solutions like CCTV remote monitoring. Our industrial security guards and services are ready for work. From factories in Spoorwegzone Zuid to warehouses and production facilities in Industriezone Oosterweel, trust SGE for industrial security services.

Construction Security

SGE’s construction security solutions incorporate cutting-edge security measures, including CCTV surveillance systems, access control systems, and alarm systems. These measures ensure that any suspicious activity is detected immediately. Whether you’re overseeing the restoration of buildings in the Patershol district or constructing new office spaces in the Ghent-Dampoort area, our construction security guards and services are ready to support you.

Corporate Security

Our corporate security services include specialist concierge security personnel trained to provide friendly assistance to staff and visitors. At the same time, they offer high-level security training for access control, ID checking, security patrols, and secure executive transport. Our technological solutions include CCTV, smart locks, and high-tech alarm systems to ensure your office building is always protected.

CCTV Monitoring and Response

Our CCTV systems provide 24/7 surveillance, employing advanced technology and software to detect and prevent any suspicious activity. Our control room is constantly manned by highly trained security professionals who continuously monitor the feeds, ensuring that every movement is captured and analysed. Security teams can swiftly dispatch security guards and alert the authorities to ensure prompt intervention.

Event Security

Whether you need formal security for a political conference or guest-oriented, front-facing security for a festival or gala, our event security services in Ghent can guide you from early planning to a safe and successful conclusion. With access control, detection checks and crowd management expertise, you can count on SGE to provide exceptional security for all types of event

    Security Guards Europe

    Security Guards Europe has been creating tailored security services for businesses and private individuals for over 20 years.

    After countless successful security projects, we have gained unrivalled experience while establishing our company as a prominent full-service security agency with a presence right across Europe.

    We offer a free, no-obligation initial security audit and quote because we are confident that the value and efficacy of our services speak for themselves.

    To get in touch, please complete the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Security in Ghent

    Here is an overview of some of the key sectors where security is an important aspect of success:

    Maritime and Logistics Security: Ghent is home to one of the largest and busiest ports in Europe, making logistics and shipping a significant industry in the city. The port serves as a key hub for the import and export of goods, including bulk cargo, chemicals, and steel. Thieves often target containerised shipments, which can be easily stolen from ports, warehouses, or trucks.

    Industrial Security: Ghent has a strong chemical industry, with a focus on the production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and plastics. The city’s manufacturing sector also includes the production of machinery, equipment, and automotive parts.

    Corporate Security: Ghent has a growing technology and innovation sector, with a focus on research and development in areas such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, and renewable energy. The city also has a thriving service industry, including finance, insurance, and consultancy services. It is home to several international companies and serves as a regional centre for business and commerce.

    Leisure Industry Security: The city’s vibrant art scene and historic architecture have contributed to the development of creative and cultural industries, including design, media, and tourism. Keeping visitors locals and businesses safe is an important aspect of security in Ghent

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