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Close Protection and Bodyguard Services

With increasing security concerns in Europe, the demand for our close protection and bodyguard services in countries like Germany, Spain, Italy, and Portugal has grown significantly. High-profile individuals, celebrities, diplomats, corporate executives, and public figures need confidential and skilled professional bodyguards for personal safety and security.

Our teams of bodyguards are highly trained professionals who assume responsibility for ensuring the safety and security of clients by assessing potential threats, planning safe routes, controlling overly enthusiastic crowds, and intervening in dangerous situations or emergencies.

Our close protection services are ideal for:

  • Corporate executives
  • Celebrities
  • Politicians
  • High profile influencers
  • Small groups and families

If you would like to discuss close protection and bodyguard services, our team is standing by to offer friendly advice and guidance. We provide a free initial security consultation, so why not book yours today?

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Let Us Know What You Need

    Our Close Protection Services

    Executive Protection and Transport

    Whether you need close protection, airport pickup and secure transportation, or escorting for top executives, VIPs, and important visitors, our specialist bodyguards are available round the clock. We welcome one-off close protection assignments as well as permanent or longer-term arrangements. When you need armed security, we can provide fully licenced specialists at short notice.

    Secure Escorting

    Our bodyguards help maintain order amid potential chaos. Red carpet events and public appearances typically attract large crowds of fans, media, and onlookers. Bodyguards are trained to manage crowds effectively, create barriers, and control the flow of people to prevent any potential harm or intimidation. By escorting VIP clients, they are a visible deterrent and safety screen

    Risk and Threat Assessment

    Preparing the ground for a public appearance or journey is crucial. By applying risk and threat assessment protocols, we thoroughly prepare for a VIP public appearance. Security teams can proactively identify and mitigate potential risks. From venue sweeps in advance to itinerary management and route planning, we develop a management plan that outlines procedures for handling security incidents in real-time, establishes communication channels with all involved parties, and outlines how to respond during or in the aftermath of an incident.

    24-hour bodyguarding

    In addition to one-off public appearances, when our clients need round-the-clock protection for the duration of their stay, we can supply revolving bodyguard teams and dedicated secure transport. From guards stationed at hotel rooms to a static presence at private residences, our close protection team can design a package to suit any specific circumstances.

    The Benefits of Contracting with SGE

    • We offer flexible and agile security services built around your specific needs
    • With some of the toughest recruitment processes in the industry, you can be sure of the quality and honesty of our close protection personnel.
    • We have the resources and the continental presence to offer fully accredited and insured close protection services anywhere in Europe
    • For more than two decades, we have built a reputation and a client base that reflect the quality and value of our services

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    Our Locations

    If you cannot find your location, it does not mean that we are unable to help. Give us a call or fill out the contact form. We add new locations regularly, and as a flexible and agile security company, we always try to meet the demand for professional close protection security wherever it comes from.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We proactively seek to ensure that our bodyguards receive the right levels of training under the supervision of experienced professionals. They are taught how to protect clients while at the same time abiding by local laws concerning protective security. They are taught to protect clients without attracting civil or legal liability. Should anything that results in legal action occur, we are fully insured against liability.

    Yes, we can provide a range of vehicles protected with bullet-proof glass and explosion-resistant bodywork and chassis.

    It is important that all security personnel get adequate time away from their duties and we would normally supply teams that rotate every 8 hours, meaning that cover would be provided by three teams that closely communicate and do extensive handovers on shift change.