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Hotel Concierge Security Services

Our Hotel Concierge Security programmes are flexible and effectively integrate these two critical roles in any hotel, improving efficiency and service.

Some of the duties of our Hotel Concierge Security services include:

  • Front desk management including guest welcoming and assistance
  • Managing mail, luggage and deliveries
  • Admin, night desk and reception duties
  • Managing guest/customer complaints
  • Supervising and liasing with staff teams
  • Car parking and valet service
  • Arranging transport, excursions, and airport transfers for guests
  • CCTV monitoring and emergency response
  • Management of key-card access and front of house systems

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About Security Guards Europe Hotel Concierge Security

Security Guards Europe provide high level concierge security which excels both in friendly, knowledgeable customer service and as a security solution. The concierge is an important part of the customer service at any hotel this front facing role requires the concierge to be knowledgeable about the local area, friendly, and approachable. By coupling this role with someone who has security experience you not only get the benefits of a high quality concierge, but you ensure the safety of your guests and your property as well.

Our hotel concierges are knowledgeable about the hospitality industry and are bonafide professionals, learning your hotels protocols, safety procedures, and everything they need to know about the local area to provide first class customer service. We have developed this hybrid role as part of our continuous drive to find innovative and effective developments in the security industry, which ultimately provides our customers with better service at less cost.

Our concierge security teams are trained and prepared to deal with emergencies of all kinds. In addition to being a visual and physical presence to deter crime they also act as eyes and ears for the hotel liaising with hotel staff teams and local authorities alerting them to any suspicious activity.

Hotel Concierges from Security Guards Europe provide first class service and security improving your guest experience and reputation. Not only do we work tirelessly to ensure the safest work and living environment we deliver peace of mind to hotel guests and staff, knowing that their safety and security are being taken care of by security professionals of the highest calibre.

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    Why choose SGE?

    Security Guards Europe have been creating bespoke security schedules for businesses and individuals all across the continent for over 20 years. Over this time we have successfully deployed innumerable security programmes, garnered unparalleled experience, and established our position as a leading full-service security agency with continental reach.

    The initial consultation and risk assessment with our analysts are completely free, and we offer a no obligation quote because we are confident that the value and efficacy of our service speaks for itself.

    For one of our representatives to get in touch with you to arrange your initial consultation simply complete the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Hotel Concierge Security Frequently Asked Questions

    Hotel concierge security is an important service which combines the traditional role of a concierge with security training, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for hotel guests.

    Managing the front desk, monitoring the lobby, access control, and responding to security incidents and emergencies are just some of the roles of a hotel concierge. Our hotel concierges are trained to operate front of house systems, as well as security systems such as CCTV, fire panels, and alarm systems.

    Having staff who are trained to deal with security and emergency situations while also carrying out their regular duties means that overall the safety of the guest and staff is improved dramatically, around the clock. By combining the two roles we are able to improve the efficiency of any hotel front of house operation, providing a stronger link between safety and security and the front of house staff.

    Our Hotel concierges receive specialised training in security and emergency response and can also receive optional training such as CPR and first aid and crisis management. We train our hotel concierges to operate all modern security tools and technologies, such as CCTV cameras, access control systems, as well as front of house systems required for this role.