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Security Guards in Milan

Security Guards Europe is a top choice when you need reliable and professional security guards in Milan. We offer bespoke security solutions designed to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of residents, visitors, and local businesses by preventing and responding to crime and other threats.

Five good reasons to partner with SGE:

  • We are the number one choice for businesses looking for a security company in Milan.
  • We offer bespoke security guard solutions designed around your specific needs.
  • More than 20 years of experience and highly trained professionals licensed to work in your area
  • An international security company recruits, certifies, and trains the local workforce to meet local requirements.
  • We offer a free, no-obligation security audit followed up with a competitive quote.

Don’t struggle to find reliable security services and security guards in Milan. Get in touch with our friendly team and find everything you need in one place.

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Our Services in Milan

Security Guards

We are a leading security company in Milan that supplies professional security guards for any sector. Fully vetted, background checked, and licensed to work locally, they are the best in the business. When you need smart and switched-on security guards, in or out of uniform, SGE is your top choice for fully vetted and highly trained officers.

Vacant Property Security Services

From the suburbs of Cernusco sul Naviglio to the shores of Lake Como, our vacant property security service near Milan protects your home while you are away. From a 24/7 static presence to remote, centrally controlled CCTV monitoring and rapid alarm response, your main residence or vacation property is never left vulnerable to crime.

Transport Security Services

Our transport security specialists are on hand and ready to respond when you need to protect high-value road freight, large sums of cash, or confidential documents in transit. With security audits, threat assessments, the latest in monitoring and tracking technology, and vehicle escorting services, we ensure that your high-value delivery arrives safely at its destination.

Residential Security Services

Whether you need a trusted keyholding service, the supply and installation of physical security measures, or static lobby security for an apartment block, we protect possessions and privacy with our residential security services. From luxury homes in Arese to apartments in Milan’s city centre, our residential property protection specialists keep crime at bay.

Hotel Concierge Security Services

With hotels in Milan being busy all year, we can improve hotel security and customer service with our premium hotel concierge and security officers. More than just security guards, these highly trained specialists take responsibility for assisting guests and responding to all forms of emergencies, including fire, first aid, and evacuations.

Guard Dog Security Services

Enhanced senses and heightened awareness mean that a guard dog is a huge asset when you have a lot of ground to cover. We can provide a highly trained security guard dog with a handler for patrolling large industrial sites around Porta Romana, for event security, and even for street patrols in trouble hotspots.

Key-Holding Security Services

At Security Guards Europe, we’re committed to providing you with the best possible alarm response services. Our trusted keyholder service allows you to enjoy your leisure time without interruption. Our security officers will attend premises, secure them, and liaise with the local statutory services should an alarm trigger or a break-in occur outside of business hours.

Mobile Patrolling Security Services

Mobile security patrols, whether in vehicles or on foot, are an effective deterrent against crime in Milan. They are also a cost-effective alternative to static guards. Friendly, approachable, and reassuring to the general public, our extended training programmes ensure that our patrol officers react with tact, authority, and decisiveness when dealing with crime and other emergencies.

Security Sectors in Milan

Retail Security

High-end fashion stores in Milan sell some of the world’s most expensive designer clothes. We offer highly trained, reliable, and professional retail security guards for the luxury boutiques around Via Montenapoleone and shopping malls like Il Centro in the suburb of Arese. Whatever the size of your business, let us show you how retail security can save you money.

Close Protection

The SGE Close Protection Security Service provides personal security to individuals and small groups at risk or under threat to protect them from harm. We conduct security assessments, develop security plans, and provide transportation and red-carpet escort services for VIPs, celebrities, and company executives in Milan and the surrounding areas.

Industrial Security

Our industrial security guards work in factories in the Milan-Bicocca Industrial Zone and in warehouses and distribution centres in all 4 of the Milan Logistics Districts. Always on guard, we ensure that anyone admitted to your premises is authorised, your security measures comply with insurance requirements, and your risk of break-ins is reduced.

Construction Security

The construction industry is particularly vulnerable to opportunistic thieves and vandalism. From the large-scale regeneration projects in Garibaldi-Repubblica to the new residential, commercial, and office spaces being developed around San Siro, our construction industry security services and static security guards protect construction tools, machinery, and materials across the city.

Leisure Industry Security

Milan is a city that offers an eclectic mix of culture, art, fashion, design, fine dining, and entertainment to draw in visitors. Hotels and leisure facilities are busy all year. Our hotel and leisure security guards protect staff and keep visitors safe as they enjoy everything that this city has to offer.

Estate Security

Whether used as holiday homes or primary residences, large estates located near Milan often offer a secluded setting that can make them vulnerable to burglary and break-ins. When you need remote CCTV monitoring of your villa in Monza or 24/7 static guards at a grand estate in Brianza, SGE is here to protect your property, assets, and privacy.

Event Security

There is no shortage of events in Milan. With a world-renowned fashion and design week, an annual film festival, and many other events and exhibitions taking place throughout the year, we supply specialist event security teams in Milan to control crowds, keep people safe, and make sure that public and private events run like clockwork.

    Security Guards Europe

    Security Guards Europe has been providing security services for businesses and individuals all across Europe for over 20 years. During this time we have successfully deployed innumerable security programmes, garnered unparalleled experience, and established our position as a leading full-service security agency with continental reach.

    The initial consultation and risk assessment with our analysts are completely free, and we offer a no-obligation quote because we are confident that the value and efficacy of our service speak for themselves.

    For one of our representatives to get in touch with you to arrange your initial consultation simply complete the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Security in Milan

    Milan is one of the wealthiest cities in Italy, and a large part of the economy is focused on the service sector, where corporate security plays an important role in keeping office buildings and the people that work in them safe and secure.

    Milan is also a major transportation hub, with two international airports, a main railway station, and a road network that connects the city to the rest of Italy and Europe. Transport security in Milan keeps the city moving safely and makes sure that goods vehicles on the roads are protected from hijacking and clandestine stowaways.

    With around 1.4 million residents, it is the capital of the Lombardy region and like all large cities, experiences some issues with crime. We help keep the city’s reputation as a safe place to visit by offering professional security services across all sectors and in all areas.

    Contact Security Guards Europe today for a free security audit.

    Three recent customer questions answered

    Retail security can be as overt or as covert as you need it to be. We can help you by coming up with a discrete plan for retail security; for example, by using mystery shoppers, CCTV, or security guards in plain clothes.

    We’ve learned over the last three decades that finding and training the right people is critical. We can monitor and support our security guards at all times because we have advanced scheduling and rostering systems, communications technology, and central control rooms.

    Milan is generally considered a safe city to visit and live in, but like any big city, there are always security concerns. Street crime, unregistered migration, and transport security on congested roads are some of the main security concerns.

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