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Security Guards in Barcelona

Are you looking for a security company in Barcelona to supply top-notch security services and professional security guards? Look no further than Security Guards Europe, an international security company with over 30 years of experience in customer-focused security provision.

We understand that security is a top priority for everyone, and we’re here to give you the confidence that comes from knowing that yours is in capable hands. Our team offers a range of short-term, temporary, or longer-term security arrangements tailored to your specific needs.

  • We take the quality and training of our security guards seriously.
  • Our guards are background checked and compliant with local security licensing.
  • We guarantee to keep businesses, property, and people safe and secure.
  • Bi-lingual Spanish/English-speaking personnel are available.
  • Our services are fully insured against any eventuality.

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Our Services in Barcelona

Security Guard Services

Day or night and in all weather conditions, our Security Guards in Barcelona protect businesses and keep people safe from the effects of crime. Whether you need a single guard or a security team, the one thing that you can be sure of is that our security guards will be smart, conscientious, and trained to the highest standards.

Vacant Property Security Services

Leaving a property vacant and unguarded is always a worry. Our vacant property security services provide the reassurance you need for these vulnerable properties. Whether you have a holiday home near Barcelona or are perhaps leaving your main home for a while, CCTV monitoring, mobile patrol visits, and static guards are some of the security options we can provide.

Transport Security

Whatever you are delivering, our transport security services for road, rail, and sea offer the safe transit guarantees you need. From escorting and onboard accompaniment to high-tech tracking and central monitoring, we protect your freight delivery vehicles from hijacking, stowaways, vehicle theft, and opportunist break-ins wherever they are travelling.  

Guard Dog Security Services

Our trained guard dogs with their superior senses and their professional handlers form a formidable crime deterrent team. When it comes to security, dogs are always effective and efficient, whether they are detecting, tracking, or working in mobile emergency response units. Our dogs patrol areas such as sprawling industrial sites in Zona Franca and exclusive gated communities around Barcelona. 

Hotel Concierge Security Services

We have revolutionised the role of the hotel concierge for hotels in Barcelona. Our highly trained personnel possess a unique blend of security expertise and exceptional customer service skills. From luxurious hotels near the iconic Sagrada Familia to business hotels near El Prat airport, our concierge security guards add value and security to the hotel industry.

Residential Security Services

From the luxury homes and gated communities in affluent neighbourhoods, such as Pedralbes, Sarrià, and Sant Gervasi, to apartment blocks near the city centre, our residential security services provide safety and security to residents across the city. We protect privacy, property, and possessions by providing static security guards, controlling access, monitoring CCTV, and scheduling mobile patrol visits.

Key-Holding Security Services

Whether you own a business in the city centre or a residential property in one of Barcelona’s many affluent neighbourhoods, our trusted keyholder security service gives you peace of mind by keeping your premises secure. Our security professionals take responsibility for securing your premises, liaising with statutory services, and resetting your system when false triggers occur.

Mobile Patrolling Security Services

Our mobile patrolling service offers a visible deterrent to criminals that is typically a less intrusive and more affordable option than static guards. Drive-by and walk-through inspections enable us to keep a close eye on homes and commercial buildings, ensuring that properties remain secure and that security breaches are spotted and dealt with at the earliest opportunity.

Security Sectors in Barcelona

Retail Security

Our efficient and dependable retail security solutions are available across all retail sectors, to help protect Barcelona’s vibrant retail scene. From department stores around the Centre Comercial El Triangle to the bustling Diagonal Mar shopping centre, we offer bespoke retail security solutions including static guards in or out of uniform, remote CCTV monitoring, and mystery shoppers.

Close Protection and Bodyguards

At SGE, we provide bespoke 24/7 bodyguarding and close protection services for VIPs, executives, politicians, and celebrities. Our highly trained and experienced close protection teams give you the peace of mind that comes when your safety is professionally monitored at all times. From high-profile events to public appearances, our service guarantees integrity and confidentiality.

Industrial Security

We offer industrial security services in areas housing well-known industrial areas, like Zona Franca. Our services are available to factories, warehouses, and green energy installations. From remote CCTV monitoring, static guards, and mobile patrols, to the installation of physical security measures, we prevent vandalism and ensure the safety and security of industry and commerce.

Construction Security

With the development of new residential buildings, office tower blocks, hotels, and public spaces ongoing in Barcelona, improving construction security is an issue for many developers. Our expert construction security teams help reduce unauthorised entry, theft of tools and materials, and random acts of vandalism. Contact SGE today for a free construction site security audit.

Corporate Security

You can rely on SGE corporate security services to provide first-rate security personnel. Whether you need a security presence in your office foyer, access control to your parking facilities, patrols around the perimeter of your commercial site, or secure travel for top-tier executives, our guards are trained to work across all commercial sectors.

Maritime Security

Our maritime security specialists are available for duty in the Port of Barcelona as well as Port Vell – the nearby marina with around 150 moorings. We offer port access monitoring and control, 24/7 security patrolling, and onboard security for cargo ships and luxury yachts. Our guards are trained to tackle difficult issues like immigrant stowaways and anti-piracy. 

Event Security

Involve our event security experts in the planning stage, and we guarantee to increase your chances of success. We help you comply with event security regulations as well as supply highly trained security guards and technological and physical security measures like CCTV and crowd control barriers that ensure events of all sizes are problem-free.

    Why choose SGE?

    Security Guards Europe have been creating bespoke security schedules for businesses and individuals all across the continent for over 20 years. Over this time we have successfully deployed innumerable security programmes, garnered unparalleled experience, and established our position as a leading full-service security agency with continental reach.

    The initial consultation and risk assessment with our analysts are completely free, and we offer a no obligation quote because we are confident that the value and efficacy of our service speaks for itself.

    For one of our representatives to get in touch with you to arrange your initial consultation simply complete the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Security in Barcelona

    With a population of approximately 1.6 million people, Barcelona is a popular tourist destination and a hub for international trade. Private security companies play an important role in ensuring public safety, particularly in the protection of commercial properties and wealthy residents.

    Maritime security for commerce and the private sector is another important aspect of security in Barcelona. The Port of Barcelona is one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean and a major economic hub for the region.

    Barcelona also has a marina known as Port Vell that provides mooring facilities for leisure boats and luxury yachts of all sizes. The marina is also a popular destination for tourists, with restaurants, shops, and other attractions nearby.

    Overall, the reported crime rate in the city has decreased recently, and it remains a safe city for residents and visitors. But like any major city, there are always going to be pockets of crime to address.

    Three recent customer questions answered

    This depends on the event and the type of security required. Uniformed security guards are much easier to spot should an attendee need help or another incident occur. On the other hand, non-uniformed security guards might be more fitting for a corporate event, a wedding, or when you need security to mingle with crowds. A mix of the two is always a possibility.

    Yes, we do offer remote monitoring services in Barcelona. Along with installing technology like CCTV cameras and motion detectors for remote monitoring, we also set up central control rooms with monitoring stations that are staffed 24 hours a day. These are suitable for private homes left vacant as well as commercial businesses like retail shops.

    Here at SGE, experience has taught us that one size never fits all and that budgets differ. Because of this, we are a flexible company that can adapt what we do to meet the needs of our clients. We offer free security audits to identify priorities, and our standard policy is that we never inflate services with unnecessary or unwanted elements.

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