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Security Guards in The Hague

When you need professional, well-trained, well-supported, and top-performing security guards in The Hague, read on to explore the range of security guards and services we offer:

We invite you to get in touch with Security Guards Europe for exceptional security guards and services, and here’s why:

  • We have been operating successfully in The Netherlands for over 20 years.
  • Our tailored cross-border security solutions cover all business and public sectors.
  • We always offer free security assessments to determine exactly what you require without burdening you with unwanted services and costs.
  • Our highly trained security guards are fully licenced, accredited, and ready to go to work anywhere in The Netherlands.
  • We use cutting-edge technology to support our security guards and services, provide better communication, and deliver efficiency savings for our clients.

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Security Services in The Hague

Security Guard Services

As a leading security company in The Hague, we provide security guards for any sector. Our guards are meticulously vetted and undergo thorough training and training refreshment. They hold all of the necessary licences to work locally. With some of the finest professionals in the industry on our books, SGE is your top choice for professional and reliable security guards.

Vacant Property Security Services

From apartments and holiday homes near Wassenaar Beach to historic mansions in Park Zorgvliet, our vacant property security services around The Hague ensure the protection of your home while you are away. With a range of options available, from 24/7 static presence to remote CCTV monitoring and rapid alarm response, we leave nothing to chance.

Transport Security

For our transport security specialists, the ability to handle the protection of high-value road freight, substantial cash amounts, or confidential documents in transit is paramount. With our comprehensive security audits, threat assessments, state-of-the-art monitoring and tracking technology, and reliable vehicle escorting services, we guarantee the safe arrival of your deliveries to their intended destinations across Europe.

Guard Dogs and Handlers

When you have extensive areas to cover, a guard dog can be a great asset, thanks to their enhanced senses and heightened awareness. We offer highly trained security guard dogs accompanied by skilled handlers. Whether it’s patrolling industrial sites near The Hague’s port areas, or conducting street patrols, their presence will significantly boost security and provide peace of mind.

Hotel Concierge Security Services

Our specialist hotel concierge security guards enhance security and customer service in any hotel. They go beyond the role of traditional security guards by taking on the responsibility of providing guest assistance and promptly responding to any emergencies, including fire, medical, and evacuations. Why not boost your hotel business with a new level of protection and guest satisfaction?

Residential Security Services

Whether you require a reliable key-holding service, physical security solutions, or static lobby security for an apartment complex, we are experts at guarding your property, possessions, and privacy. From homes in Escamp to city centre apartments in The Hague, our team works diligently to keep crime at bay. Rest assured, your residential security is in capable hands.

Key-Holding Security Services

Our centrally controlled mobile security officers will respond to any alarm triggers that may occur outside of regular business hours. They will attend your premises, secure the area, and coordinate with local statutory services. With our reliable keyholder service, you can enjoy your leisure time without any interruptions, knowing that your property security is in capable hands.

Mobile Patrol Security Services

Our mobile security patrols are a trusted and efficient solution for deterring or responding to crime. Whether in a vehicle or on foot, our patrol officers provide a cost-effective alternative to static guards. They are positioned to react swiftly and decisively to suspicious activity, ensuring the safety and security of the local business community in areas like Binckhorst

Security Sectors in The Hague

Retail Security

Our retail security services extend to large shopping centres like Megastores park and traditional stores in areas like Grote Marktstraat. They include security guards, CCTV monitoring and night patrols to provide cost-effective protection while saving you money by disrupting stock slippage and shoplifting. Discover how our retail security services can benefit your business and boost profits.

Close Protection and Bodyguards

Our Close Protection Security Services are suitable for VIPs, celebrities, politicians and company executives visiting The Hague and the surrounding areas. We provide customised personal security solutions to individuals and small groups at risk or under threat. We conduct comprehensive security assessments, develop personalised security plans, and provide transportation, red-carpet event security escort services and static security.

Industrial Security

Our industrial security guards work in factories and warehouses in The Hague Logistics District and right across the region. We use a range of physical and technological measures to ensure that anyone admitted to your premises is authorised, your security measures comply with insurance requirements, and you are fully protected from the risk of break-ins and other crimes.

Construction Security

The construction industry is vulnerable to opportunistic thieves and vandalism. From the large-scale regeneration projects in the Binckhorst neighbourhood to the new residential, commercial, and office spaces being developed in Leidschenveen, our construction industry security services and static security guards protect construction sites from the theft of tools, machinery, and materials across the city.

Maritime Security

Our maritime security guards protect ships, ports, and offshore facilities in The Hague and the surrounding areas. We provide a range of services, including port patrols, access control, vessel security assessments, drug, contraband and stowaway detection, and on-board security guards. We are experts in maritime security with specially trained maritime security staff often from military backgrounds.

Leisure Industry Security

The Hague is a popular tourist destination with a world-class dining and nightlife scene. Hotels and leisure facilities are bustling year-round, welcoming visitors from all over the world. Our hotel and leisure security guards ensure the safety and security of staff and guests in bars, clubs and hotels, allowing them to safely enjoy all that the city has to offer.

Event Security

The Hague events calendar is packed with performances and conferences, from the world-famous Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra’s concert season to the annual meeting of the International Criminal Court. Our specialist event security teams in the city are available to manage parking and entry, control crowds, and make sure that public and private events run safely and smoothly

    Security Guards in Europe

    Security Guards Europe has been creating tailored security services for businesses and private individuals for over 20 years. After countless successful security projects, we have gained unrivalled experience while establishing our company as a prominent full-service security agency with a presence right across Europe.

    We offer a free, no-obligation initial security audit and quote because we are confident that the value and efficacy of our services speak for themselves.

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    Security in The Hague

    The Hague is a city known for its political, corporate, and legal significance. It is home to the International Criminal Court and a number of international business organisations are headquartered there. As a consequence, security services like VIP close protection and corporate security are in constant demand.

    The Hague is the most densely populated municipality in the Netherlands. It also has a rich cultural heritage, with a large number of museums, gardens, and historical buildings. It is a popular destination for tourists interested in politics, history, and culture, as well as those travelling there to enjoy the beaches, high-end retail outlets, luxury hotels, and other tourist amenities.

    Static and mobile security guard services play an important part in keeping the shops and attractions of the city safe for tourists to visit. With hotel security guards and concierge security services active in grand central hotels and boutique hotels around the city, they are maintained as safe and pleasant places for guests to stay in.

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