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Security Guards and Services in Basel

Has it become difficult to find a security company in Basel that provides professional, reliable, and licenced security guards?

Security Guards Europe is a sub-division of the Risk Global Management Security Group. We operate an established and extensive security network able to supply top-notch security guards anywhere in Switzerland

From our foundations in the UK security sector, we have spent more than 3 decades expanding to become a leading security company in Europe

We offer:

  • Individual security packages to suit your circumstances and budget
  • Locally recruited security guards all fully licenced to work in Switzerland
  • Investment in security technology and software
  • Knowledge and experience related to providing security services in Switzerland
  • Fair and competitive pricing with no hidden extras

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Security Services in Basel

Security Guard Services

.With a mix of local and international security guards all fully licenced to work in Basel, we provide security teams to all business sectors. With rigorous recruitment and checking procedures, we offer male and female security guards in or out of uniform for a full range of duties. We also train specialists for roles like executive protection and foyer concierge security.

Vacant Property Security Services

Our vacant property security services protect empty properties from all criminal activity. Leaving an empty commercial or residential property unguarded invites the attention of vandals, squatters, and criminals and can be costly. We offer security measures like mobile patrols, static guards, CCTV surveillance, and incident response services. Contact us to discuss security options for your vacant property.

Transport Security

Our transport security services address the challenges facing the logistics and transport industries in Basel. With its proximity to neighbouring countries, the city is an important hub for trade and commerce in Switzerland. We offer onboard security guards, vehicle escorts, GPS tracking and monitoring, CCTV surveillance, and cargo screening and inspection services for valuable cargo and lone drivers.

Maritime Security Services

Our maritime security services are available to protect the inland shipping and container port in Basel. With cargo arriving via the Rhine and transferring to nearby road and rail networks, security guards are standing by for access control, patrolling, and onboard security duties. Ports are notoriously difficult to protect but with SGE, you get access to years of experience in maritime security

Hotel Concierge Security Services

Our versatile hotel concierge security officers are highly trained, professional, and personable, creating a welcoming and secure environment for your guests. They enhance your reputation with dedication to both security and customer satisfaction. Our team is well-versed in the challenges for hotels in popular areas of Basel, such as the Marktplatz and Barfüsserplatz areas.

Residential Security Services

We offer residential security services in Basel to provide protection and security against the rising tide of property crime in the city. Whether you need neighbourhood street patrols in Gundeldingen, foyer concierge security for an apartment complex in the Bachlettenquartier area, or a full security detail to protect your home, you can trust SGE for residential security

Key-Holding Security Services

Would having a professional security guard service attend out-of-hours alarm triggers and emergencies on your behalf ease pressure on your business? When we provide keyholding services, our professional security personnel attend emergencies on your behalf, secure your premises, reset false alarms, and undertake liaison with statutory emergency services.

Mobile Patrol Security Services

From Altstadt to Messeplatz and beyond, our mobile patrol services cover Basel, providing security and peace of mind for homes and businesses. Our security vehicles and uniformed officers deter crime and provide a rapid response to alarm triggers. Staffed by seasoned experts, our state-of-the-art control centres monitor security camera feeds and coordinate real-time responses.

Security Sectors in Basel

Retail Security

When you need retail security guards and services in shopping centres like Stücki Shopping, luxury boutiques in the city centre, or supermarkets anywhere in Basel, we provide trained and experienced retail security guards. Our teams detect and deter shoplifters and protect staff and shoppers. We offer uniformed or plain-clothed security guards trained to protect retail stores without causing a commotion

Close Protection and Bodyguards

When you need secure executive transport for VIP guests arriving at EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, personal protection for politicians, high-profile personalities, or people at risk when travelling or out in public, the SGE Personal Protection Service offers close protection and bodyguard specialists. Get in touch today for highly trained executive protection specialists.

Industrial Security

Our industrial security personnel are ready to protect factories, warehouses, and energy production facilities located in and around Basel. Whether your requirements are for long-term static guards, canine-assisted patrols, or remote CCTV and alarm monitoring systems, we consistently deliver results for your investment in security.

Construction Security

Our construction site security services protect building sites across Basel from theft and vandalism, preventing costly delays. From new developments in Erlenmatt to urban renewal projects in Gundeldingen, we guard construction sites throughout the city. With our site security in place, developers in Basel can proceed with peace of mind, knowing their tools, materials, and machinery are secure.

Event Security

Providing security for attendees and performers and managing safety, our event security services take you from the planning stages onward. Whether for a festival, concert, or political conference, with trained guards and technological solutions for checking tickets, conducting body searches, and monitoring and controlling crowds, we ensure events are successful and trouble-free.

Corporate Security

SGE corporate security guards protect offices and corporate buildings throughout Basel in commercial centres like the Bankenviertel district. We provide secure executive transport, front desk security for access control, ID checks, and assistance to clients and visitors. Our guards ensure corporate offices and grounds remain safe spaces for all users,

    Security Guards Europe

    Security Guards Europe has been creating tailored security services for businesses and private individuals for over 20 years.

    After countless successful security projects, we have gained unrivalled experience while establishing our company as a prominent full-service security agency with a presence right across Europe.

    We offer a free, no-obligation initial security audit and quote because we are confident that the value and efficacy of our services speak for themselves.

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    Security in Basel

    Basel, with a population of around 200,000 people, is located in northwestern Switzerland and is a major cultural and economic centre in the region. According to the statistics website Numbeo, the crime and safety index figures for Basel are:

    Crime Index:26.24
    Safety Index:73.76

    Despite being a relatively safe city, crime has been rising recently and causing concern.

    For example, the number of property crimes, which includes theft and burglary, rose to 21,329 in 2023, a figure 18% higher than in 2022. The canton of Basel-City borders France and Germany. This means there are many points where criminals can quickly escape across a border into a neighbouring country

    Maritime and transport security are important sectors in Basel. The Port of Switzerland (Schweizerische Rheinhäfen) is located in Basel and is a crucial inland port for the country. It is a vital hub for trade and commerce, connecting Switzerland to other European countries via the Rhine River.

    Our maritime security services provide static and patrolling security guards to regulate port access. We also oversee container and cargo storage areas and offer onboard security that safeguards against theft, piracy, and stowaways.

    We provide associated transport and warehouse security that protects high-value cargo transported from departure points in Basel to destinations across Europe. Basel’s strategic location makes it an important transit point for goods moving between Switzerland and other European nations.

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