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Security Guards and Services in Zurich

When you need carefully recruited and highly trained security guards in Zurich, you should consider partnering with Security Guards Europe.

We offer tailored security solutions to protect business interests by preventing and responding to criminal activity

Our security guards and services offer several advantages to our clients including:

  • Bespoke security guard solutions designed around your specific needs.
  • We recruit, certify, and train the local workforce to meet legal requirements.
  • We offer a free, no-obligation security audit followed up with a competitive quote.
  • Backing for our security teams by investing in the very latest security technology
  • Fair and competitive pricing with no hidden extras

For an informal discussion and to find reliable security services and security guards, contact our friendly team today.

Contact us today for a free consultation and to receive a competitive quote for your security services.

Security Services in Zurich

Security Guard Services

We understand that when we supply security guards they often become the front face of your business. That is why we have strict recruitment and vetting procedures designed to ensure they uphold your business reputation. With adaptable security guards working in various sectors and specialists for complex or sensitive assignments, trust SGE to supply top-flight professionals.

Vacant Property Security Services

Whether residential or commercial, vacant properties can attract unwanted and sometimes costly attention. Our vacant property security services are available to deter vandals, squatters, and all criminal activity. We can supply mobile patrols, static guards, CCTV surveillance, and incident response services. Contact our team when you need effective security options for your vacant property.

Transport Security

At Security Guards Europe, we can supply a full range of transport security services including onboard security guards, vehicle escorts, GPS tracking and monitoring, CCTV surveillance, and storage depot security. When you have a high-value or sensitive load to transport within Switzerland or across borders, trust SGE for departure-to-destination transport security.

Private Estate Security

For large and more remote private estates in areas like Zurich Weinland, and Zugerland, we offer estate security guards and services. From mobile patrolling security inspections to static guards and gatehouse security, we protect vulnerable remote properties from the attention of criminals and trespassers. We can also provide remote monitoring of CCTV feeds according to schedules as needed by our clients

Hotel Concierge Security Services

Accommodating tourist and business visitors to Zurich is a competitive sector. Providing a safe and secure yet welcoming environment is a difficult balance. Our hybrid hotel concierge and security officers are highly skilled security officers with additional training in customer service and assistance. Security is managed in a way that enhances the visitor experience and keeps guests returning.

Residential Security Services

We can supply residential security guards in Zurich. From private homes to foyer security guards in apartment buildings, residents get protection for privacy and property. Our mobile patrol services can maintain a visible deterrent in communities and neighbourhoods. We also provide services like lighting, CCTV, and motion detectors, SGE is a full-service company delivering flexible residential security services.

Key-Holding Security Services

Secure keyholding services are the solution that stops your business from worrying about or coping with the problems of lost keys, out-of-hours security alerts, and false alarm triggers. Our professional monitoring team can respond to incidents and suspicious activity by alerting the local emergency service or sending our mobile security patrol to investigate using a set of your keys to enter and inspect your premises.

Mobile Patrol Security Services

Our mobile patrol services are a cost-effective option for your business or home. Our security vehicles and uniformed officers are available 24/7 for regular or ad-hoc security inspections and emergency response. Our central control rooms are staffed with experienced professionals who monitor security feeds and coordinate responses in real time using cutting-edge surveillance, communications, and scheduling technology.

Security Sectors in Zurich

Retail Security

Retail security is always a sensitive issue and striking the balance between security and creating a welcoming retail environment needs expertise. We offer a range of highly regarded security guard and technology-based retail security solutions to tackle the costly issue of shoplifting in high-end luxury goods, shopping malls, and multi-store retail chains.

Close Protection and Bodyguards

Our Close Protection Security Service provides personal security to individuals and small groups to protect them from harm. We keep VIPs, celebrities, and company executives safe when travelling to or staying in Zurich. From secure transport and route planning to personal accompaniment at public appearances and round-the-clock close protection, our specialists provide unobtrusive and confidential protection services.

Industrial Security

Our highly trained industrial security guards are available for security duties across Zurich in areas like Industry Zone Schlieren. We provide access control, CCTV monitoring, and ground and perimeter patrols. Whether it’s a petrochemical plant, an energy production facility, a factory, or a warehouse, we offer customised security strategies to protect your premises, visitors, and personnel.

Construction Security

Zurich’s construction industry is thriving, with new residential and commercial projects popping up across the city. However, construction sites are vulnerable to theft and vandalism, which can cause delays and financial losses. Our comprehensive construction security services offer static guards, mobile patrols, and remote CCTV monitoring to tackle theft, vandalism, and trespass on construction sites.

Corporate Security

Corporate security in Zurich is important to control access to office buildings and provide a safe and secure working environment. Our corporate security services include concierge/foyer security guards, secure executive transport, security for conferences and business conventions and a variety of monitoring services for office security during vulnerable times like late at night or during public holidays

Event Security

With major festivals, concerts, street parades, and sporting occasions throughout the year, event security planning and services are an important aspect of security in Zurich. Our event security services are available for planning, access control and crowd management. Deliver a safe and successful event with expert guidance and professional event security services from SGE

    Security Guards Europe

    Security Guards Europe has been creating tailored security services for businesses and private individuals for over 20 years.

    After countless successful security projects, we have gained unrivalled experience while establishing our company as a prominent full-service security agency with a presence right across Europe.

    We offer a free, no-obligation initial security audit and quote because we are confident that the value and efficacy of our services speak for themselves.

    To get in touch, please complete the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Security in Zurich

    Situated in the heart of Europe, Zurich provides easy access to major European markets and facilitates cross-border operations with nearby France, Italy, and Germany. It boasts a world-class airport with extensive connections and a well-developed transportation network, making travel and logistics efficient.


    Zurich Metropolitan Area: The Zurich metropolitan area encompasses surrounding suburbs and urban areas and has a population of around 1,443,000

    Business-Friendly Environment:

    Switzerland enjoys a long-standing reputation for political and economic stability, offering a secure and predictable environment for businesses and an attractive tax regime.


    • Transport Security: Even though Switzerland is landlocked, Zurich is a major trading hub. Goods are transported using road networks and by transferring international cargo to airports and seaports in neighbouring countries.
    • Corporate Security:  Many global companies and financial institutions have been attracted by the neutrality, favourable tax regime and well-developed infrastructure in Switzerland
    • Leisure and Tourism: Tourism is a major contributor to the economy in Zurich. Lake Zurich and the surrounding Alpine landscape remain popular with visitors year-round. Making tourists feel both safe and welcome is important to the industry.
    • Retail: With retail areas like Bahnhofstrasse, a world-renowned shopping avenue lined with upscale boutiques, luxury brands, and department stores, retail security in Zurich is an important consideration

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