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Security Guards in Berlin

Security Guards Europe has been providing services in Berlin, Germany, for over two decades now. If you need security in Berlin, come to the experts.

  • Whether you need retail security, hotel security, event security or otherwise, Security Guards Europe provides a complete range of services to a complete range of sectors.
  • We employ only fully licensed security guards who are trained in all aspects of security.
  • Our guards are fully prepared to adapt to the needs of individual clients – we work to what is best for you.
  • We provide everything from security audits to the security itself.

Your initial consultation with us is free, so get in touch if you need security in Berlin.

Get In Touch today for a free consultation and receive a no obligation quote for your bespoke programme.

Our Services in Berlin

Security Guard Services

Security Guards Europe provides security guards for a wide range of services and jobs across all sectors in the city of Berlin. Our licensed guards can be placed and used in any way that suits you and your needs best. Get in touch with us for a free consultation if you need security guards in Berlin.

Vacant Property Security Services

A vacant property – residential or otherwise – is an easy target for security threats. If leaving your property in Berlin vacant, talk to us about the vacant property security services we can provide. From manned presence to keyholding and alarm response services, our guards will keep your vacant property secure.

Transport Security

For high value persons or items, private and secure travel is a must. The transport sector is also the largest in Berlin, with many goods travelling through the city. Security Guards Europe provides transport security for such matters, trailing vehicles, preventing attacks, and patrolling vehicles when escorts need to take a break.

Guard Dog Security Services

Canine patrols provide an extra layer of security to properties, vacant or otherwise, around Berlin. A canine patrol serves as a visual and audible deterrent between their appearance and noise, while also being trained and licensed and able to handle security threats should the deterrent not be enough.

Hotel Concierge Security Services

Being a popular tourist destination, security at hotels in Berlin is a necessity. Security Guards Europe offers the combined services of security guard and front-of-house concierge with concierge security, ensuring your guests get stellar front-of-house service, but also that your guests and staff will be kept safe from security threats, all in one person.

Residential Security Services

With a vast majority of Berlin’s population living in apartment blocks, and with others who may be in the public eye residing in estates, residential security to ensure the safety of residents is a must in Berlin. Talk to us about our services, from manned guards to CCTV and alarm response to ensure residential safety.

Key-Holding Security Services

With banks, engineering companies, retail stores, and other businesses around Berlin, leaving such properties overnight can pose risks to security, but at Security Guards Europe, we offer keyholding services, allowing one of our licensed guards to hold keys to your property and to respond to any breaches while the business is vacant.

Mobile Patrolling Security Services

From warehouses around the city to commercial and industrial sites in Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Security Guards Europe can dispatch mobile security patrols at any time, of any size, . This service calls for random or scheduled checks of property to check for potential threats or breaches

Security Sectors in Berlin

Retail Security

From to Friedrichstrasse and its fashion boutiques and Alexanderplatz at the heart of the city, Berlin is bustling with popular retail areas that can be a target for crime. Security Guards Europe provides security guards, CCTV services, and more for the security of the retail industry of Berlin to keep assets and staff safe.

Close Protection Security

From VIPs to political dignitaries to other high-profile residents or visitors to Berlin, close protection is of upmost importance. Our licensed close protection guards are organized, discreet, and professional, and our close protection service can go hand-in-hand with other services such as residential protection.

Industrial Security

As one of Germany’s leading locations for industry, protection of industrial sites in Berlin is integral. From Adlershofer Technologiepark to the CleanTech Business Park, Titan offers 24/7 on-site industrial security for factories, plants, and other industrial units with high-value research projects, assets, and employees.

Warehouse Security

Often left vacant, warehouses without proper security are a quick and easy target for theft. To secure your warehouse or warehouses in Berlin, talk to Security Guards Europe about our warehouse security services today. From mobile patrols, to alarm response, to CCTV monitoring and guard dogs, our licensed guards will keep your assets secure.

Corporate Security

Being a hub of business, Berlin is home to many corporations and offices Especially if new to business, it is important to understand the necessity for corporate security. Security Guards Europe can place guards, monitor CCTV and more at your office blocks and corporations in Berlin.

Estate Security

Security Guards Europe provides a range of security services for large estates, neighbourhoods, and villas around the city of Berlin. Our guards have full understanding of the crime risks to each local area of the city and can adapt their services accordingly to ensure your estate, residents, and assets are safe.

Event Security

Many a popular event is held in Berlin, such as the Short Film Festival and Berlin Fashion Week. Such events bring in a large volume of attendees, both local and visiting. With large crowds and sometimes valuable assets, event security is a must, and Security Guards Europe should be your first choice.

    Why choose SGE?

    Security Guards Europe have been creating bespoke security schedules for businesses and individuals all across the continent for over 20 years. Over this time we have successfully deployed innumerable security programmes, garnered unparalleled experience, and established our position as a leading full-service security agency with continental reach.

    The initial consultation and risk assessment with our analysts are completely free, and we offer a no obligation quote because we are confident that the value and efficacy of our service speaks for itself.

    For one of our representatives to get in touch with you to arrange your initial consultation simply complete the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Security in Berlin

    A leading city for business and industry as well as a popular travel destination due to its sites and events, Berlin is a city bustling with people all year round. With a high population and high volume of visitors, however, comes a high risk of crime and security breaches.

    However, as of last year, the crime rate in Berlin was the lowest it has been in over two decades. Despite this, security remains a must, especially in the transport sector, being the largest in the city, and in areas in the West of the city, considered to be the more dangerous.

    Security Guards Europe provides our services, from security guards, to guard dogs, to transport and hotel security and more around the city of Berlin, from the bustling retail sector to the integral industrial sector. Security Guards Europe has been in operation for more than 20 years – contact us for an initial consultation about your security needs in Berlin today.

    Three Recently Asked Questions

    Yes, our guards in Berlin are trained, certified and licensed in accordance with EU guidelines.

    This will depend on various factors, such as the location of your property, and the nature of the emergency. We aim to respond within 10 minutes and to provide you with a quicker service than you can expect from local statutory services.

    We provide a whole range of services to the corporate industry. A popular service that we provide across Berlin and other locations is the placing of guards at the doors of your office block to check identifications and ensure that only employees and certified guests can enter the block. However, we tailor our services to suit individual clients, so get in touch with us for a consultation.

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