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Security Guards in Nuremberg

Security Guards Europe has provided security guards and services to clients across Nuremberg for two decades. We are experts in the field of security and should be your first choice when looking for security in the city.

  • Being a popular tourist destination, it is of huge importance to secure hotels in the city. We offer concierge security services to ensure this.
  • Our residential security services cover everything from private residences to the many student residences throughout the city.
  • We provide audits to help you to understand the security concerns you are faced with, and our services are completely adaptable to suit your needs.

Talk to us about your security needs and become one of our many satisfied clients.

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Our Services in Nuremberg

Security Guard Services

Security Guards Europe provides security guards across all sectors and all districts in Nuremberg. Whether for retail stores, warehouses, office blocks or otherwise, make us your first call when you need security guards in the city. No job is too much or too little for our guards to take.

Vacant Property Security Services

Though it is considered an overwhelmingly safe city, one of the key concerns in Nuremberg is property crime. Vacant properties are the biggest target of such crime – ensure the protection of your home with our vacant property security services, ranging from CCTV monitoring to mobile patrols.

Transport Security

Nuremberg is at a junction for several important autobahns stretching throughout Germany. Ensure the transport of high-value persons and goods throughout the city with our transport security services, involving our guards trailing vehicles while in motion, and patrolling around them while stationary.

Residential Security Services

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own home, be it an apartment block, student accommodation, standalone estate or otherwise. Security Guards Europe’s residential security services cover everything from door supervision to 24/7 CCTV monitoring to ensure the protection of residences in Nuremberg.

Hotel Concierge Security Services

With a large tourist population growing annually, hotel security in Nuremberg becomes more and more important with each passing year. Hotel concierge combines the roles of concierge and security guard into one role, giving you peace of mind that your guests will be both protected and well-served.

Guard Dog Security Services

Guard dog patrols are a type of security that we offer for vacant properties such as warehouses, as well as in busier city centers at request. Guard dogs are able to detect potential security threats before they even come too close to the property, as well as being able to pick up on those who may have passed through previously.

Key-Holding Security Services

Security keyholding is a service that gives one of our guards access to your property while you are away from it, so that they can attend to the building in event of a feared breach to check the property and deal with any threats so that you don’t have to.

Mobile Patrolling Security Services

If you need security that isn’t an ongoing presence, consider mobile patrols. Ideal for warehouses, vacant properties, or properties left unattended overnight, our patrols dispatch as often or as little as we deem necessary to suit your needs, to check on the property and surrounding area.

Security Sectors in Nuremberg

Retail Security

From the brand names of Worhrl to the diverse Franken-Center, protect retail stores from the smallest of boutiques to the largest of department stores with Security Guards Europe’s full range of services. Whether full-scale protection or simple CCTV monitoring, our retail security guards are equipped to provide the perfect service for you.

Warehouse Security

One of the largest threats for security is warehouses. Often left unattended and vacant, without proper security these could be subject to break-ins and extremely costly losses, whether for an individual or a business. Protect your property today with our full range of warehouse security services.

Corporate Security

From engineering companies to power companies, there are corporations within Nuremberg that would benefit from corporate security. Our guards offer their full range of services to corporations throughout the city, from CCTV monitoring to concierge service to door supervision and more.

Industrial Security

Industrial security construction is ever ongoing in cities, and Nuremberg is no exception. Protect industrial construction sites with mobile patrols, stationary overnight guards and more with Security Guards Europe. We provide everything from initial security audits to security right through the construction process.

Close Protection Security

Close protection is of the utmost importance for ensuring the safety of high-profile persons in Nuremberg. Security Guards Europe’s team of dedicated and professional close protection bodyguards offer a tailor-made service to suit each individual personally, from an ongoing 24/7 presence to presence at key events only and more.

Estate Security

Security for large estate homes in Nuremberg is just as important as security for other residences, though often the necessary security is a little more nuanced. Our guards familiarise themselves with the exact rate and type of crime in the surrounding area to your estate to ensure the best protection possible.

Event Security

From festivals and concerts to opera performances and more, event security is a must in Nuremberg. At Security Guards Europe, our event security services guide you from the early stages of planning to the running of the event itself, from audit to venue sweeps to any protection required at the event, whether door supervision, crowd control, or close protection.

    Why choose SGE?

    Security Guards Europe has been creating tailored security services for businesses and private individuals for over 20 years.

    After countless successful security projects, we have gained unrivalled experience while establishing our company as a prominent full-service security agency with a presence right across Europe.

    We offer a free, no-obligation initial security audit and quote because we are confident that the value and efficacy of our services speak for themselves.

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    Security in Nuremberg

    Nuremberg is considered to be one of the safest cities in all of Germany, with a crime index of only 35.58. This has, however, increased in the last few years, and among residents of the city, the primary concern is crimes of theft and vandalism – crimes that security aims to deter.

    Regardless of the sector you need security in Nuremberg or the service you require, we at Security Guards Europe are happy to provide you with our service. We have been working in the industry for over 20 years and will continue to do so for even longer.

    Contact us for an initial consultation, free of charge. Tell us your security concerns, and we will work alongside you to find the best solution.

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