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Security Guards in Frankfurt

If you are looking for reliable and professional security services and security guards in Frankfurt, we invite you to have a chat with our team here at Security Guards Europe. 

Read on to find out what makes us stand out from the crowd:

  • Our first-class security services have been developed over more than 2 decades. Our success is based on always putting the needs of our customers front and centre with excellent customer support and 24/7 backup
  • We work from local hubs right across Germany and the rest of Europe to bring you security guards and services specifically designed for your location. 
  • We acknowledge that one size never fits all which is why we are flexible and adaptable enough to produce a security plan that meets your unique needs without loading you with excess and unneeded services

Always prepared with a full range of services for all business sectors and sizes, we offer free security audits, expert advice and transparently priced quotes.

Get in touch with our friendly team today.

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Security Services in Frankfurt

Security Guard Services

Security Guards Europe provides bespoke and adaptable security guard services across all sectors in Frankfurt. From retail security guards to static security in factories and warehouses, we ensure that our guards are carefully recruited, highly trained and licenced to go to work protecting your assets and premises in Frankfurt.

Vacant Property Security Services

Leaving property vacant can be worrying when you know it could be targeted by criminals. Take the pressure of security from your mind with vacant property security from Security Guards Europe. From alarm response teams and CCTV monitoring to mobile or canine patrols, our vacant property services ensure the safety of your vacant property on a 24/7 basis.

Transport Security

Transportation is one of the key industries of Frankfurt. Our bespoke transport security services involve our guards following any vehicle carrying high-value persons or goods, as well as patrolling the vehicle should the driver or passenger require a break. Protect yourself and your assets in transportation with our transport security services.

Residential Security Services

From apartment blocks in Innenstadt to private homes and rented accommodation in Bockenheim, protect your residence with Security Guards Europe’s residential security services. We offer a full range of services including guards and technology like motion detection and CCTV to protect homes and the people residing in them from the attention of criminals.

Hotel Concierge Security Services

With one of the major industries in Frankfurt being tourism, it is no surprise that the city is full of hotels in need of security. Concierge security combines the roles of a security guard and concierge into one cost-effective and efficient role, ensuring the protection of your hotel as well as a fantastic front-of-house service.

Guard Dog Security Services

With their heightened senses allowing them to detect potential or previous security breaches, our canine patrols are an effective layer of security that works well for large areas such as industrial zones, remote estates and solar energy parks. Talk to us about our canine patrol and professional dog handler security services today.

Key-Holding Security Services

Another layer of security often recommended for temporarily vacant properties is our trusted security keyholding service. Allowing one of our patrols easy access to your property means that in the event of an alarm trip or breach, they can rapidly respond to and deal with it so that your off-duty time remains uninterrupted

Mobile Patrolling Security Services

For a service that is effective but does not involve a constant 24/7 security presence, talk to us about our mobile patrol services. Mobile patrols operate throughout the day or night, carrying out security checks on your property and surrounding areas according to regular or ad-hoc schedules that meet your requirements 

Security Sectors in Frankfurt

Retail Security

Retail security is of the utmost importance to limit losses that result from customer and employee theft. From the high-end fashion stores of Goethestraße to shopping centres like the Skyline Plaza Mall, we offer a full range of overt and covert retail security guards and services to ensure the best protection possible.

Warehouse Security

Have you suffered costly and inconvenient losses resulting from a warehouse break-in? Our warehouse security measures range from static or mobile security guards to physical installations like CCTV and barrier fencing.  Whether you manage a logistics hub in Frankfurt East Industrial Park or a warehouse on the Industriepark Höchst, our warehouse security services are available right across Frankfurt.

Corporate Security

Frankfurt is one of the busiest corporate centres in Germany. From the headquarters of international businesses in the Europa and Gulberg districts to new startups in the city, protect your company offices with our corporate security services. From physical access control measures to static guards,  we offer a range of services tailored to the needs of your business

Industrial Security

We offer industrial security that protects factories, building sites, and the green energy industry. With Security Guards Europe you are covered from the initial risk assessment to implementation of a range of security measures. Our services are designed to protect industrial and construction businesses from criminal activity and provide ongoing reporting, support and backup.

Close Protection Security

Close protection and bodyguarding is an invaluable service that protects important individuals residing in or visiting Frankfurt. Our specialist bodyguards are adaptable to suit your individual needs; whether you require the reassurance of protection 24/7, secure transport, or personal accompaniment at red-carpet events and public appearances.

Estate Security

From exclusive private estates in Bad Homburg to historic mansions in Kronberg, large estates are often in need of specialist protection. Our estate security services use highly trained security guards, and the supply and installation of monitoring technology and mobile patrolling services  to maintain round-the-clock protection against criminal attention in and around Frankfurt 

Event Security

Our event security services ensure that public or private events in Frankfurt meet local regulations and remain safe for all attendees. From risk assessment and security planning to the use of guards and technology for crowd monitoring and control, we provide the resources and expertise to deliver a service tailored to your exact needs.

    Security Guards Europe

    Security Guards Europe has been creating bespoke security schedules for businesses and individuals all across the continent for over 20 years. Over this time we have successfully deployed innumerable security programmes, garnered unparalleled experience, and established our position as a leading full-service security agency with continental reach.

    The initial consultation and risk assessment with our analysts are completely free, and we offer a no-obligation quote because we are confident that the value and efficacy of our service speak for themselves.

    For one of our representatives to get in touch with you to arrange your initial consultation complete the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Security in Frankfurt

    Frankfurt is currently considered a moderately safe city, with a crime index of 45.17. This is a sign pointing to the need for security in the city, to bring the safety of the city up and to prevent the crime rate from worsening. 

    Security makes cities safer. From the protection of vacant properties and retail stores to guarding VIPs attending events, Security Guards Europe is an acknowledged expert when it comes to security. Whatever needs you have in Frankfurt, we are more than happy to oblige and will adapt our services to suit your needs perfectly.

    Your initial consultation with Security Guards Europe is free. Contact us to discuss your security concerns, and we will find the solution that works best for you.

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