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Security Guards in Cologne

If you are looking for the best security guards and security services in Cologne get in touch with Security Guards Europe and find out why we are a preferred provider in the city.

  • We have been providing security services to Cologne and across the rest of Europe for over 20 years.
  • As an international company represented in local hubs around Germany, we employ and train local people, licensing and accrediting them to work in Cologne
  • We are known for our dependability, honesty, and professionalism in providing premium security services tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Security across all sectors is of great importance to the city of Cologne. Why not get in touch with Security Guards Europe to discuss your security needs in the city?

Get In Touch today for a free consultation and receive a no- obligation quote for your security programme.

Security Services in Cologne

Security Guard Services

For any security sector in Cologne, whether you need transport security for the safe passage of trade, mobile patrols to check on sites throughout the night, or effective security at an event, Security Guards Europe’s locally licensed and accredited guard services are the best in the business and entirely adaptable to suit your needs.

Vacant Property Security Services

Whether commercial or private, vacant and vulnerable property poses an important security concern. Ensure the safety of your vacant property in Cologne, whether it be a holiday apartment, storage facility, or any other property. Security Guards Europe provides a range of vacant property security services, including CCTV installation and monitoring, alarm response, and mobile patrols.

Transport Security

Cologne/Bonn airport is the second most important freight airport in Germany, so onward transport is important. Our transport security services provide departure-to-destination surety. Vehicle tracking and security guard escorting ensure that the vehicle and its valuable goods avoid threats of theft, vandalism, or hijacking as they pass through the city and beyond.

Guard Dog Security Services

From protecting remote and vacant properties to street patrols in Cologne City Centre, our guard dog patrols with their professional handlers are an effective layer of security. Their heightened senses mean that they can detect potential or past security breaches, as well as act as a physical and auditory deterrent.

Hotel Concierge Security Services

Tourism is very important to the general economy of Cologne, and thus there are many hotels in areas like Altstadt-Nord that need hotel security. Our hotel concierge service combines front-of-house concierge and security guard roles into one, ensuring you get a good security service, and your guests get a good front-of-house service in one cost-effective role.

Residential Security Services

We protect private residences right across Cologne. Our residential security services guard people, privacy, and property, whether a private home in family-friendly Rodenkirchen or a letting apartment in the popular student district of Lindenthal. With CCTV monitoring at student accommodations and foyer concierge security for apartment blocks, we offer a full range of services in this sector.

Key-Holding Security Services

Leaving a property vacant can cause a lot of security worries. Why not ease these by using our security keyholding services? With access to your vacant property in Cologne, our guards will be the first responders to any incident or breach, giving you peace of mind from security concerns while you are away.

Mobile Patrolling Security Services

Our centrally controlled mobile patrol security service provides you with an effective security measure that is a cost-effective alternative to static security guards. Operating either randomly or at specified times, mobile patrols run drive-by and walk-through checks on premises throughout the day and night to check for, or respond to, potential breaches.

Security Sectors in Cologne

Retail Security

From the bustling designer fashion stores on Hohestrasse to the famed markets and boutiques in Cologne, protecting retail stores of any size is made easier with Security Guards Europe’s retail security services. From guards in-store to CCTV monitoring, we provide a full range of retail security services in shopping centres and stores right across the city.

Close Protection Security

Our close protection and bodyguarding services ensure that VIPs either visiting or residing in Cologne are protected from unwanted attention. From security at places of residence to secure transportation and personal accompaniment at events, conferences, and public appearances, our round-the-clock bodyguard services are the most dependable and discreet in the business.

Industrial Security

Ongoing industrial construction means that there is always a need for security. From roadworks to building sites, we offer a full range of security services to the industrial sector in Cologne; protecting workers, assets, and the sites themselves to ensure that construction can take place smoothly and safely while expensive tools and machinery are protected 24/7

Warehouse Security

From Eifeltor to Porz, warehousing and logistics businesses in Cologne face a range of security threats. Breaches can lead to costly losses and major inconveniences. Our warehouse security services, which include static guards, mobile patrols, alarm response teams, and CCTV installation and monitoring, reduce risk by identifying and closing security gaps.

Corporate Security

From software development company offices in the Deutz district to bank headquarters and corporate offices, businesses in Cologne are kept safe and secure with Security Guards Europe’s corporate business security services. From access controls and static guards to concierge security in the lobby, we provide a full range of corporate security services across Cologne.

Estate Security

Remote estates are a tempting target for criminal gangs and opportunist thieves. Our estate security services exist to prevent trespass, theft, and vandalism.  To protect your remote or large estate in Cologne, talk to Security Guards Europe about our estate security services. Adapted to suit your needs and locality, our services are renowned as the best in the business.

Event Security

With a bustling event calendar, event security is in constant demand in Cologne. If involved from the outset, we can provide risk assessments and event security planning. Our services include the hire and installation of temporary security barriers and CCTV systems. During the event, we offer ticket checking, crowd monitoring, and crowd control.

    Security Guards Europe

    Security Guards Europe has been creating tailored security services for businesses and private individuals for over 20 years.

    After countless successful security projects, we have gained unrivalled experience while establishing our company as a prominent full-service security agency with a presence right across Europe.

    We offer a free, no-obligation initial security audit and quote because we are confident that the value and efficacy of our services speak for themselves.

    To get in touch, please complete the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Security in Cologne

    With a crime index of 41.47, Cologne is currently considered a moderately safe city that has seen some increase in crime over the last three years. Some of the biggest concerns include vandalism, theft, and assault.

    An important city for trade, the city is home to the second-largest port in Germany and one of the largest in Europe. With several terminals along the Rhine River, such as Deutz, Godorf, Mülheim, and Niehl I and II, maritime security is critical to protecting these from crime.

    With a bustling nightlife and busy event calendar, Cologne attracts many tourists each year. Keeping people safe and ensuring that events meet regulations and run smoothly is a priority.

    Robust security in Cologne reduces overall risk and promotes a good reputation by improving levels of safety. This is good for business, tourism, and public safety and may result in a drop in the crime index


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